The 15-minute City – as explained to Dave Lorenzo

The 15-minute City – as explained to Dave Lorenzo, The Godfather of Growth, in his “InsideBS” Podcast.



This is a trend we’ve been following and supporting, from our previous video capture of a Bisnow panel discussion and our previous blog post in April of 2021….  “Replacing long commutes and car-first transit with bikes and walking would slash vehicle emissions, increase resident health and free up roads and parking spaces for other uses.” we wrote.

The Transcript of the video:

Dave: Right. Yeah, you introduced me to this 15-minute City concept explain what that is. I had never heard of it until you brought it up. What is that?

Wendy It’s fascinating. And we’ve explored that. Truly for the last 10 years. It’s existed before that, but it came across our awareness about 10 years ago. And a lot of it has was introduced in Europe, where it’s a walkable city concept. So within 15 minutes, you can be at work from home, you can be at the grocery store, you can see your physician you can drop off the kids at daycare. And that is a pretty tall order, I think in a non-urban centric environment. But that’s where I think we’re getting to where I think the hub and spoke model when we’re in a metro Chicago or a metro New York or even a metro Miami where everything will expand and that 15-minute City will become the hub and spoke, excuse me hub and spoke model where that will be much easier …


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