Video: In-Demand Amenities and the 15-Minute City

From a recent Bisnow panel discussion, our President and Founder, Wendy Spreenberg, discusses the trend toward including Content Studios in Corporate Offices and the emergence of municipalities considering the 15-minute City concept: live/work/play within a 15-minute walk. Based on how the pandemic accelerated our behaviors, the 15-minute city concept becomes more relevant for creating more vibrant suburban downtowns.



TRANSCRIPT: (The amenities in demand) I think that we’re also recommending. So as part of our plans with our clients, we’re considering creating these flexible workspaces is that Creative Studio, the Content Studio, whether it’s podcasting, whether it’s video casting, whether it’s literally e-commerce, you’ll take a photo of your product, your product, those green screens, with a white background itself is something that is being incorporated into offices, let alone coworking, more and more. The other thing that I wanted to mention as well, is that what what certainly Somerset and Ralph have developed here is what we’ve seen municipalities approach us on to do something about 15-minute City concept. So those of you who probably very familiar with that, where live/work/play is within a 15 minute distance, so that you can get all of your needs and all of your life cycle met So that’s what we’re seeing as well. So suburban downtowns, they’re trying to revitalize as well and they’re reaching out to us to see what it is that we can do to contribute to create the downtown suburban location as a destination again. And part of that is creating a flex opportunity then becomes Event Space plus Cafe plus retail that may not be in downtown anymore, but very much a visible vibrant community that you see here, as well.


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