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It’s the right time to invest in the flex office and coworking industry

“Every available piece of data suggests that a critical mass of tenants are reacting to their offices remaining less than half-full by taking less square footage per employee in more modern, lavish space. As a result, more than 70% of U.S. office buildings, accounting for 30% of the nation’s inventory and over $1.1T in estimated value, risk becoming functionally obsolete.”

The outlook on the continued growth of the global coworking market is very positive and expected to go from where it is now, $16.1B, to beyond $30B by 2026 with a compounded annual growth rate of 17% according to Business Research.

The sample occupancy stack shows how Coworking and Flexible office feeds the Spec Suite occupancy, feeding larger spaces for small businesses and then regional offices.

Advantages to the commercial landlord:

Management Agreements with Industry Experts

Similar to traditional property management, these agreements allow the landlord to benefit from all the upside revenue while management runs the space.

Continued Redevelopment

Outdated office and industrial buildings will continue to be redeveloped and be particularly attractive to coworking operators.

Short-Term Leases

For small- to medium-sized tenants, the typical term of a lease is likely to trend shorter, as flexible coworking spaces become a viable alternative to traditional office spaces.

Not sure if the flex office industry is the right move for you? Consider these points:

Vacancy rate for commercial space is at an all-time high. Flex office and coworking may be your best bet, delivering above-market rents compared to traditional office or retail.

We build the financial model to understand profit opportunities.

Thankfully, you don’t need to recreate the wheel.  Many landlords and developers are jumping into this industry with success without prior experience. You bring the investment, we’ll do the work.

We build the Business, so your Operation runs smoothly.

Time is money and the longer construction takes, the more money lost. You need the truth about construction timelines and cost.

We give you numbers with integrity.

We get it – you don’t want to lose your investment! We know exactly how to avoid that and instead generate higher revenue per square foot than current market rates and show profit..

We protect your investment.

Financial Modeling is Necessary Before Jumping In!

This first step will show how you can generate higher revenue per square foot than current market rates. “The outlook on the continued growth of the global coworking market is very positive and expected to go from where it is now, $16.1B, to beyond $30B by 2026 with a compounded annual growth rate of 17%,” according to Business Research.

Financial Model FAQs

There are specific products beyond space rental that go into creating a successful coworking and flex office model that may be overlooked by your team. It’s not just about space, furniture and coffee!

We deliver a customized model with a realistic timeline to reach cash flow positive status based on your specific market and conditions. In addition, we meet with you weekly to share progress and findings. We are committed to getting to the right decision with you on the highest and best use scenario. One-size-fits-all models actually fit none.

Because we know how to optimize your stack! Since 2001 we have designed over 120 models across North America. We understand current trends and best practices to deliver a profitable business. Additionally, we have actually successfully operated profitable spaces– we’re not just giving second-hand opinions!

In addition to the spreadsheet, we include an optimal test fit of the space. During our weekly calls, we educate you on the importance of the data that we use in our research and deliver in the model. Additionally, we offer a separate strategic plan of how we will implement the model with you.

A good model should include a realistic timeline to reach profitability, including anticipated seasonality and variability of occupancy. Our financial model also includes a detailed outline of construction costs and operating expenses.

Our financial model works best for those who are looking to develop a profit-generating business. Typically, that means the space needs to be at least 12,000 square feet and have a floor plan based on office space, not primarily open coworking.

Typically, it takes between 4 and 6 weeks to deliver the final model into your hands. It all starts with a discovery session to set mutual expectations. Once we engage, we’ll set up the weekly call schedule where we share progress and our research methodology.

Here’s what a YES! Financial Model Includes:

  • Review and kick-off session
  • Product pricing based on extensive market analysis of demographics and competitive landscape
  • Occupancy and Revenue projections for the first 3 years
  • Staffing requirements
  • Easily interpreted Summary with profit opportunity
  • Weekly review of progress with team

We Protect Your Investment

We partner with landlords, developers and investors to create coworking and flex office space. Delivering higher revenue per square foot than traditional offices. Does YES! offer only the Financial Model? That’s only the first step! Here’s what working with us looks like after the financial model:

The Proprietary YES Operational Playbook *

* Define, Design & Implement – Pricing, Technology, Member Agreements, Messaging, Recruiting, Onboarding – Then Refine and Release to your Team for an Exceptional User Experience

The YES! System Operational Playbook includes:

  • Client Interview, Project Overview, Goal Setting and Establishing expectations

  • Initial Project review/Feasibility Study

  • Experiential Design

  • Business Metrics and Dashboard Development

  • Vendor Resource References and Collaboration

  • Technology Infrastructure Coordination

  • Creation of 12-month Marketing Plan

  • Creation of Operations Manual and Operating Protocols

  • Staff Recruitment & Onboarding

  • On-going Advisory Support for Initial 12-24 months of operation

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