Guest Video: Jared Steger of IFB talks in-demand furnishing trends for Return to Office

Our guest is Jared Steger with Interiors for Business, with showrooms in Batavia and Fulton Market downtown.

Jared and I discuss what Interiors for Business is seeing in recent trends, Bringing life to work with casual, comfortable seating and configurations, including adding biophilia for their clients.



Wendy – I’m Wendy Spreenberg. I’m with YES! Your Exceptional Space. And we’re here today with Jared Steger of Interiors for Business, and we’re here to talk about furnishings, how are we dealing with the workforce and return to work. So Jared, as we see the return to Office wave, what are companies and landlords doing to capture the trend?

IFB – Bringing life to work

Jared Steger – Yeah, great question. So we’re seeing a lot of spaces become these cool, fun environments. We’re seeing with space is becoming more flexible, adaptable, like more mobile, it’s making the office more of a destination again, which is creating a community within the office yet, having the right furniture in the right space enhances collaboration for both people in the office and also those remote workers. Something that we stress at Interiors for Businesses that we talk about Bringing Life to Work, right, which is creating that environment, which is casual and comfortable, which is giving that support that work life balance, and we have two showrooms here, one were in the west loop, which is here today. And then we also have one in the Batavia office as well.

Wendy – Well, it’s critical to to get that vibrancy back in the office to make absolutely for people to come back. So on that score, we understand that like yes, i fb interiors for business, creates experiences, exceptional experiences for their clients. So tell us a little bit more about how that is delivered.

Jared – Yeah,so at IFB every project that we do is a team effort from start to finish. Right. So we have specialists in technology ancillary Biophilia excetera, which allows us to provide this holistic approach which is just beyond furniture.

Wendy – Yeah. expansive, and again, creating this experience that is compelling for people to return to the office.
Absolutely. Yeah. With our with our team approach to as well we make sure it’s important to understand the client’s needs and their focus. So when we’re creating and designing space, we can maximize their productivity and their efficiency.

Spec Suites are in-demand and coworking feeds spec suites

Wendy – Excellent. So what are you seeing in terms of the most in demand services?

Jared – Yeah, so So right now we’re seeing a huge demand in spec suites. So with real estate firms and landlords where they’re using spec suites as a marketing tool to get people back in the office, it also gives the potential client to envision what a space can look like, for either potential rental or to buy as the furniture in their space.

Wendy – Right. So what we also think about is coworking actually feeds spec suites. And then we love the idea of spec suites and the ability to visualize the finished product apps. Thanks so much for being with us today.
Thank you


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