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The last post highlighted the grieving process and the setting of routine to nudge ourselves back to life. We acknowledged our own sense of loss of our purpose This, too, is temporary if we commit to the steps to refocus and redefine our “Why?”

This may have taken an entirely new direction for you. Are you juggling the role of teacher, referee, nurse, chef, cleaning crew AND employee right now? Are you negotiating new boundaries under new conditions with your spouse/significant other?

No wonder you’re exhausted! Who has any time to consider “why”?!

And, you are not alone.

If there is any chance at all of viewing this as an opportunity to carve out even a couple of 20-minute chunks each day to think in 4 areas: Passion; Talents; Strengths; Legacy.

Passion – Talents – Strengths – Legacy

These concepts are certainly not new but perhaps the process is a variation of what you’ve read previously. To use a set of tools we’ve found effective, check out Michelle McQuaid’s post on VIA Strengths.

During this particular season under COVID-19, we suggest starting with what sparks your passion. Although it may be tough to keep a positive outlook right now, reflect on what gives you joy and what work you would do without consideration of any pay: WHAT WOULD YOU HAPPILY DO FOR FREE. What has you really jump out of bed in the morning or work late into the night?

Talents – the “what” area. What are your top 5 talents: Analytical, Persuasive, Visionary, Communicator, Efficient, Competitive, Learner, Strategic, Deliberate, Action-oriented. So much of our work with our clients includes an initial step of Goal Setting and Establishing Expectations. You can find our overall process here.

Strengths – how do you express these talents? Through humor, humility, perseverance, bravery, honesty, teamwork, gratitude, hope, curiosity. There are certainly more ways to express your talents, these are just a few.

Legacy. For many, thinking about the legacy portion of this work can actually be the “aha moment”. What do you wish to leave behind and be remembered as having accomplished? Another way to ask the question: “What would you say to your younger self as being an important lesson of your life so far?”

You may actually start with the end in mind – think of your legacy and then how your talents, strengths and passion deliver on it.

We are currently running an endurance challenge. I think we’re truly up to it. Nietzsche once said, ‘He who has a why can endure any how.’

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  1. Jasmine Shaw
    Jasmine Shaw says:

    Thank you for sharing this. There are so many frameworks, Ted Talks, books, etc. on the subject, but I personally believe that sometimes working through the basic set of questions can help arrive at the ‘ah ha’ moment. The fun comes next – aligning one’s passions, talents, strengths, and target legacy to one’s actions, investments, and efforts. Definitely another, longer post

    • Wendy
      Wendy says:

      Jasmine, thank you for your comments and for the suggestion for the future post. The timing is ideal to talk about the fun of alignment! We’re on the path to emerging from our virtual connections to more fully in-person. More to come on this topic.


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