We Can

We are initiating a series of posts to share observations of our current conditions under COVID-19. This is meant simply as a set of “here is what we see”. There are no “should” elements here but “why not try” suggestions. We’d love to hear your ideas, as collective wisdom may give even one person an “aha” moment of pivot.

In this spirit, we offer YES! We Can.

This first post is a bit of a nudge to everyone’s internal monologue. You may be grappling with lack of ambition, minor aches and pains that came out of nowhere or just a general funk.  This may also show up as overeating, a lack focus or Happy Hours that start a little earlier each day.

These are expressions of loss and grief.

In our experience, we’ve felt a loss of our purpose. We’ve felt others’ panic and so much has gone on hold as a result. We know we are not alone. In our case, we are creating outlets that are engaging and demand more of our focus, brain power and attention rather than mere distraction. These posts are one of those outlets.

Once we were able to acknowledge that the loss of purpose has us feeling rudderless, we’ve been then able to acknowledge that staying in our pajamas until 11 am is an expression of grief. Our personal solution is to begin setting new routines.

The routines we are planting now relate to self-care and compassion. We’ve explored what that may mean to each of us. The thoughts are free or low cost for those of us reeling with new budget realities. Here is a sampling of ideas during our shelter-in-place:

  • Set the alarm and get yourself up (and out of your pajamas)
  • Rearrange the time you work out (or set up a time to create a new habit)
  • Make a call or video chat with 1 friend today for social reasons, not business
  • Log off any tech during mealtime – and set a mealtime, especially for lunch and talk with your family/roommate or create virtual mealtime with loved ones
  • Listen to music every day and dance, play or sing along
  • Watch/listen to the news no more than twice each day
  • Set up one goal – just one – that can be achieved by the end of the day

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list but a prompt that may get you thinking of many more of your own, personal methods to step back into a routine of your choosing.

We were planted in this new territory suddenly. Taking one step, even just one new step each week, can mark a path to the new normal we’ll need to embrace beyond our present condition.

In our upcoming posts, we’ll share more thoughts on Managing Change, Finding your new “Why”, Embracing Chaos, Daydreaming, and the Opportunity in Anger, just to name a few.


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