YES! Featured panelist: Bisnow Future of the ‘Burbs – Quiet Rooms as Amenity

In our recent video, we share a Bisnow panel with Moderator Larry Woodard, Partner with Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn and fellow panelist Andrea Vangelder, International Director with JLL in our March 30, 2022 panel of The Future of The Suburbs, hosted by BellWorks Chicago.


Wendy: …being added as well, where we’re being asked to talk about Quiet Rooms. And you may just be wondering, but it allows for softer lighting and right atmosphere, the ability to give a little bit more mental wellness and wellness along that line to de-stress to unplug, 10 minutes, in the Quiet Room is all I need that I need to regroup. And I really need that space, mental space as well as physical space to make it happen, which is another amenity we’re talking about.

Larry: I don’t like quiet rooms. Andrea, are these types of points, something that you’d see in an LOI? Are these now deal terms that are going to be common, where we’re going to have wellness scores, we’re going to have tech scores in LOI.

Andrea: 100% And the wellness thing is always a part of it, as well as lease negotiations. There’s new things that are coming up at leases that we’ve never seen before that people are, you know, negotiating and, you know, can they vacate their space without any ramifications if they need to for a longer period of time. There’s all sorts of things that have changed because of it. So we’ll see how long they stick. Hopefully, we won’t be focused on this forever.


NOTE: The Quiet Room is a distinction from the Nap Room as the idea is for a short break without perhaps monopolizing the space for over 20 minutes. What’s more, maintaining a Nap Room is a bit more service-intensive than a Quiet Room – connect with us to learn more. 

To learn more about adding Quiet Rooms and best-in-class amenities to your space, reach us at and download our whitepaper

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