YES! Featured on Dave Lorenzo’s Inside BS Show

YES! was thrilled, and energized, to be Featured on Dave Lorenzo’s Inside BS Show

In this episode, Dave leads us through how YES! Creates Experience, Not Just Space – learn more about our methodology and our target project partners!



Wendy Spreenberg

Founder & President

Yes! Your Exceptional Space

(312) 608-1859


Key to Success in Entrepreneurship:  Create a Fantastic Experience | Wendy Spreenberg | #16

If you want to be different compared to everyone else, you must provide a better experience. If you want to be disruptive, you can change the rules of the game to favor you and your company. On this episode of The Inside BS Show, Dave Lorenzo interviews Wendy Spreenberg and she shares how she and her team are changing the game of coworking space by providing a better experience. The business model Wendy has is so different, that her company doesn’t compete with other coworking brands. They change the game so the owner of the space can win as well.


00:00 Key to Success in Entrepreneurship: Create a Fantastic Experience

01:30 How Wendy and YES! Became Consultants in the Coworking Space

03:00 What Makes Wendy and Her Team Do that Makes Them Different

04:28 How Wendy Selects Developers to Work With

06:00 How Does it Work If the Developer Has a “Unique” or “Unusual” Space?

08:30 Will the Future of Coworking Space Include Podcast Studios?

10:40 Are Companies Calling to Have YES! Provide Space for them in Many Cities?

11:50 Can Developers Expect to Get a Premium from a Co-Working Space?

13:30 Dave Tells a Story About a Client Who Did This On His Own

15:30 Can This Be Done as a Sublet?

17:00 What are Some of The Fee Structures That Work For Co-Working?

22:50 What is the Sales Process Like?

25:40 Wendy and Her Team Do Much More Than Consulting

27:25 How Does YES! Get Paid?

28:20 Does Wendy and YES! Help Find Space for an Owner/Operator?

29:15 Can Wendy Help with a Distressed Space?

32:00 Does Wendy See This As a Social Space as Well as a Work Space?

34:15 Could This Be the Future of Work – Come to the Office Once Each Week?

37:40 What is the 15-Minute City Concept?

40:30 Fitness and Coworking is Already Happening and this Idea will Only Expand


About Wendy Spreenberg

Wendy Spreenberg is the founder and president of YES! Your Exceptional Space®, a Strategic Partner in the development of Innovative & Flexible Workspaces. Wendy and her team understand the many layers and complexities that go into creating exceptional workspace—from site selection, experience design, concierge level service, IT infrastructure, staffing, training and operations. She works with a wide array of entrepreneurs, landlords and developers.    

Since 2001, Wendy’s experience has taken her across North America, from Vancouver to Puerto Rico, working with over 120 flexible workspace projects (2M+ square feet) to start new locations, to reposition existing businesses or buildings, deploying the proprietary YES! Operational Playbook.

Additionally, Wendy is a frequently sought out speaker and podcast guest including Everything Coworking (podcast), at NeoCon Chicago, IIDA, Bisnow, InBIA, and the Global Workspace Association.


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