Video: Touchless Technologies and WELL Certifications are now requirements

Wendy Spreenberg, President and Founder of YES! Your Exceptional Space, speaks here about the importance of WELL Certifications and touchless technologies as basic requirements in the current flight to quality by office tenants. From the March 30, 2022 Bisnow Panel, The Future of the Suburbs


Brett Jordan


Wendy: (The office demand landscape….) is, you know, flight to quality in terms of the amenities, and what Ralph had mentioned earlier as well. We mentioned Content Studios, but we also want to see that idea of Wellness and all the other infrastructure implications as well. So everything that’s touchless, right, so we’ve gotten to that point where if you can pick everything touchless -entryways, reservation systems, everything along that line, that’s really something that is going to be important in terms of, in addition to air quality people are looking at this in terms of the WELL factor rating. So I think that’s going to be something that people are going to be considering in the future, what they’re going to look for in future spaces. So it’s not just all the technical bells and whistles that we see but it may be something that’s behind the scenes that creates that feeling of wellness and well being that’s now going to be used to be instituted


The Future is actually HERE

(Watch out Class B and C properties…) The challenge is reducing the number of older and functionally obsolete buildings across the country. In the flight to quality it’s now about attracting AND RETAINING your talent. Space is now an experience!

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