During the first significant surge of coworking, our own Wendy Spreenberg was privileged to guest with Brittanie Campbell-Turner on her Constructrr podcast in 3 parts, Sept-Oct 2016.

So, content from nearly 5 years ago is still relevant?!

Some of the data points have been important and classic, essential elements of shared and flexible workspace since before the 21st Century. Don’t be fooled to think that WeWork created the elements. We DO give them significant credit for bringing a lot of daylight to the industry – thank you.

Listen to all 3 episodes here

Part 1 covers:

The characteristics a coworking host must have, and how a host should think about impacting their community.

  1. If you are a coworking host already, what were the benefits you desired when you first thought to do it?
  2. What did you decide your revenue model to be? Monthly, daily, hourly?
  3. Do you provide meeting spaces, or desk space only? What other amenities do you provide?
  4. Who do you market to?
  5. What are the challenges you find from being a host in a coworking space?

Part 2 covers:

How does understanding the community translate into the necessary design/architectural elements.

  1. To Coffee or Not to Coffee? and how?
  2. Do you need to do any renovation in your space to make it usable as a coworking space?
  3. If so, what did you do in order to get the space ready?
  4. What kind of furniture do you need?

Part 3 covers:

In this last part of the series, Wendy and I talk about the making sure the business model is sustainable to ensure the business owner’s success.

We invite you to reach out to us at hello@yes-spaces.com to share your questions and to learn more.

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