Experience-Driven Workspaces and the Return To Office

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Our thanks to Julia Troy of Studio B with Bisnow for collaborating on this article. Considering that our tagline is Create Experience Not Just Space we firmly believe, per the article, that to rebuild company culture "The whole experience…

ICYMI Guest Video: Ginna Ryan of Mauge- In-person, In Office is essential for Collaboration

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This is a super-brief interview (1:38) with the objective to reach out to Mauge and Ginna for brand management and more insights into how they've managed in-person collaboration. NOTE: We recognize that the sound quality isn't 100% and the…
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Developers Incorporating Coworking with Multi-Family Projects

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ICYMI from our previous post a couple months ago, we want to reshare. Founder and President, Wendy Spreenberg shares why Developers are working with YES! and are looking to incorporate Coworking and flex office space within their multi-family…

Groundhog's Day - YES! Featured in Bisnow - Designing for the New Normal

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Yes! It's Groundhog's Day so let's revisit our Bisnow article from Sept. 2021, in collaboration with Julia Troy and StudioB Designing for the New Normal - Creating Flex Space that will Drive Employees Back to the Office Excerpt: After more…

Video: How COVID Killed the Traditional Workplace

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We participated in a panel discussion of "How COVID Killed the Traditional Workplace" as part of a two-day Indiana Workforce Summit in September 2021. (3:56) In our segment, Wendy Spreenberg shares some simple elements to create a more uplifting…

The Future of Flex

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In this video, Founder and President, Wendy Spreenberg answers "What do you see as The Future of Flex? Is it here to stay?" at Bisnow event "Future of the Suburbs" (Chicago) (1:27) Transcription: Well, I think there's been a lot of…