April Showers sometimes bring Rainbows .... (pun coming)

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  (courtesy of our friends at Punderdome) We don't have to wait for May to benefit from the April showers.... sometimes the rainbow is the gift! Roy G. Biv is one of our favorite fictional characters and may indeed yell "Ow" when he's…

In the Spirit of Valentine's Day or Gal-entine's Day, or Galent-tine's Day (pun coming)

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    (courtesy of our friends at Punderdome) We do want to recognize the special people in our lives in the next few days. This includes not just our life partners, spouses, significant others, but those that we JUST PLAIN, FULL-ON…

YES! We Can: Have a Positive Attitude in 2021

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The concept explodes across the US (and worldwide), not in small measure due to the Great Recession. In addition, WeWork drives larger and frequent openings and emerging brands Industrious, Level Office (now Novel Coworking) and an alternative model in Convene fuel industry growth.