Nick Ramirez of BKV Group on Repositioning and Repurposing Space

This guest video features our colleague, Nick Ramirez of BKV Group , sharing their approach to Repositioning and Repurposing Space.

Enriching Lives and Strengthening Communities is a motto we can all embrace in adaptive reuse. One solution is to add coworking and/or flexible office space to mixed-use projects.

This is an interview during a Bisnow event in Chicago


Wendy: Hi, I’m Wendy Spreenberg. I’m with YES! Your Exceptional Space where we create experience, not just space. And we’re here today with Nick, of BKV group. And what we want to know from Nick this morning is, what indeed are the unique items that BKV group brings to repositioning and repurposing of space,

Nick Ramirez: of course, and thank you for having me. I’m Nick Ramirez with BKV Group, our Director of Business Development, and what we like to pride ourselves on and our company motto is “enriching lives and communities”. And we really bring that motto into the projects we do. Our center point of our firm in architecture and design is residential development. And we’d like to really bring that focus on people community into adaptive reuse projects, whether it’s office, whether it’s an adaptive reuse into residential, our main focus is to really bring a brand into that space, and really, really provide the people. the tenants in that building, with options.


And I mean, this work of flex office space, of coworking. People need options. They want a reason to come into the office, and that’s the motivation that we have. And that’s really what we focus on on a daily basis with the clients that we work with, to just really bring that vision to life. And just to provide that home residential feeling into the office space.

Wendy: Great. Well, if you’d like to learn more from Nick, how do we do that Nick?

Nick:   Email me!

Wendy: Great. Thank you so much.

Nick: Thank you


To reposition and repurpose multi-family or commercial office space, please reach us at and explore more on our Services page.

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