Nathan Greenhalgh of Rightsize Facility – Green Solutions in Adaptive Reuse

Wendy Spreenberg, Founder and CEO of YES! Your Exceptional Space interviews Nathan Greenhalgh, Business Development Director at Rightsize Facility about green solutions in adaptive reuse and repositioning apply to Rightsize Facility.



Wendy: Hi, I’m Wendy Spreenberg. I’m with yes your exceptional space. And today we’re with Nathan with Rightsize Facility. And what we’d like to know is how does adaptive reuse and repositioning apply to Rightsize Facility? Nathan…

Nathan: Well, thanks, Wendy. Yes, Nathan Greenhalgh, Business Development Director, Rightsize Facility. Adaptive reuse is really one of the cornerstones of our company’s long term success. So we’re an independent contract furniture dealer and facility services provider. And we will take pre-owned furniture and resell it. And we will also decommission furniture from a space that is being updated. And we will ensure a 95% landfill diversion rate with a national network of resale refurbishment and recycling partners as well as over 50 charitable organizations that we’ve done a product to. So we’re all about reuse.

Wendy: And it’s a green solution as well as an economical solution as well as a high quality solution when you’re repurposing furniture and refurbishing it and rehabbing it

Nathan: Very much. So you know, the company really started on identifying ways to find a second life for high quality product and we’re still doing that today. 18 years later.

Wendy: Excellent. Nathan, thank you so much.

Nathan: Thanks.


To reach Nathan please email him at for more information and solutions.

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