Naming our 2023 “Transition”

Inspired by our friend and brand/word guru Joe Martin of Martin Chicago, we are naming our 2023 “Transition”.

Why Transition?

We feel that so much of the world – at large and our world – is in transition that it seemed incredibly obvious to us.

So, what’s in transition?

  • Health
    • We have such COVID fatigue and it has now become part of what we work into our health equation: Updating vaccinations; Lifestyle decisions (where we live in proximity to our office); Mental health provisioning within the corporate health benefits.
    • We are now able and willing to make choices helping us to live well, not just survive.
  • Economic
    • Are we already in a recession or is it coming? Is inflation easing and can we expect to see an easing of interest rates in the coming months? It’s simply too soon to tell yet.
    • That said, Morningstar believes inflation will fall this year and average 1.7% between 2023 -2026. Per this prediction, we will transition back to our previous inflationary level beginning this year
  • Work Modality
    • There is so much to unpack here. There is a lot of discussion about the 4-day work week, even to the extent that Forbes suggests how much it is catching on in the US. There is an organization named 4 Day Week Global, publishing studies to support the movement.
    • WFH (Work From Home)/WFO – (Work From Office) – why choose? Despite Disney and Starbucks expecting a 4-day in-office work week, talent is still choosing flexibility over rigidity. Yes, productivity of WFH is now leveling off, as ALL novel trends do. That doesn’t mean we all want to return to stifling and uninspired work environments.

  • YES!
    • We are in transition too. We are actively, and formally, adding resource partners to deliver our Exceptional Experience to our building owner and developer clients. Be on the lookout for our updated website to include our resource partners in:
      • Creative Brand Marketing and storytelling
      • Interior architecture and engineering
      • IT infrastructure and proprietary flex business digital operations
      • Website design integration and development (including e-commerce)

With transition comes opportunity. Opportunity to build stronger relationships that foster better health. Opportunity to stay our own course while economic uncertainty distracts us. Opportunity to choose the work modality that works best for our productivity (for ownership) and well-being (for us).  Opportunity to work with seasoned professionals (think decades of experience) and a team of experts in the flexible workspace industry to protect your investment, create an exceptional experience, leading to higher revenue per s.f.

Here’s to an exceptional 2023!


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