(courtesy of our friends at Punderdome)

We do want to recognize the special people in our lives in the next few days. This includes not just our life partners, spouses, significant others, but those that we JUST PLAIN, FULL-ON LOVE.

Galentine’s Day – for all the girlfriends that are always, consistently, loyally and indiscriminately THERE for us! (and the women in our families too!)

Galent-tine’s Day – for all the fantastic, excellent men and men of excellence in our lives. Heart matters.

Valient-tine’s Day – for all humans (non-binary) that mean the world to us and to the world, showing us every day that Love is Love – plain and simple.

Love takes courage and can be heroic, gentle and fierce all at once. It is the most powerful force in the universe.

Love On Everyone!

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