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Simply a remarkable experience! Expect to be delighted by both the immersive sight and the inspiring music. (Yes, you should accept the pair of ear plugs – the music is LOUD)

We had the privilege to attend on Opening Day and attendance was very well managed. (it was also a very cold February day)

Tickets for this event originally went on sale December 21, 2020 and were only available through Feb. 28, 2021. Well, demand for tickets was so strong that there was nothing available when we went online on December 27, 2020! Yowza!

Checked again in early January and the dates had already been extended to May 31, 2021 and nothing available until after March 2nd. Well, we tried  again the next day and we lucked out by someone’s cancellation and attended (the first time) on Feb. 11. 2021. By this time, the exhibit was now extended to September 6, 2021.

Clearly, with the pent up demand for managed experiences in Chicago, it’s no mystery why this has been incredibly popular.

Per the website, “Lighthouse ArtSpace is a joint project of Lighthouse Immersive USA and Maestro Immersive Art Inc., who share a vision for a space where immersive art can be showcased and experienced for years to come.” We understand the exhibit producers have a 5-year lease on the space at 108 W. Germania Place in Chicago. We can expect to see many more immersive exhibits in Chicago through 2026.

Yes, you’ve gotta “Gogh” experience the exhibit!  (yes, you KNOW we love puns!)


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  1. Jasmine Shaw
    Jasmine Shaw says:

    Sounds absolutely amazing. I must have been under a rock, but thank you for bringing this to my attention – as an art and music lover, I cannot wait to experience it myself.


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