Our guest video features Trisha Daho Founder of Empowered Leadership Cultivation shares her views on Which Comes First, Culture or Experience?

Trisha Daho


Trisha spent most of her career leading large, diverse teams toward the delivery of value for her clients at a Big 4 Accounting and Advisory firm, wherein she served as a partner.  She has been pivotal in the discovery and sustainability of value in the billions of dollars for her clients.  She has worked with executives and their teams in dozens of Fortune 500 companies in the majority of states.  She has also created enormous value for entrepreneurs, high growth companies, and aspiring start-ups.  She left the corporate arena to light up the world of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  And hence, Empowered was born.






Wendy: Hi, I’m here today with Trisha Daho of Empowered (Leadership Cultivation), and I’m Wendy Spreenberg with Yes! Your Exceptional Space. And we’re here today to talk about culture and experience since they’re really intertwined. Our question for Trish today is which comes first culture or experience?

Trisha: I would say culture, but I’m a culture girl. So, to me, if you are intentional about a culture, and I’m a big fan of being intentional about a culture, then your space will reflect that. And that is, you know, we’ve gone through a rough couple of years, right? Working from home, remote interactions, the energy that it takes to do those remote interactions, and frankly, we now get to design an intentional space to reflect the culture we want to be in that space. And there are so many important reasons why people should be in a space, so, forgoing a space is not really a good idea if you want intentional culture. There are very important things that happen in that space, and your culture should inform that space.

Wendy: What do you think is one of the most important things about the culture being in the space? What is the outcome of that? So you said so many important things go on in the space and with culture.

Trisha: Learning and connection, and celebration, and doing great things and accomplishing big goals. Those happen in the space, especially if you’re in kind of an apprenticeship model for what your businesses is, so it’s extremely important to have a space where all of those important things, seeing great clients is another one

Wendy: Exactly. And your power comes together, really in-person as opposed to over zoom as we’ve been talking together, as well. So I want to thank you today, Trisha, for joining us today. Culture AND experience are both incredibly important to the success of your business.

Trisha: Thank you.


Empowered partners with leadership teams to create sustainable and measurable DEI results. Empowered creates success for women and diverse people who are entering leadership positions through a diversity and inclusion peer advisory experience focused on strategy, high performing teams, and advocacy in leadership.  Empowered helps organizations to create more diverse talent acquisition and development strategies, accountability and measurement in leader performance, and the development of more inclusive cultures where diverse people thrive.

If you have questions about how to effectuate a hybrid workplace or return to work, please reach out to us at info@empoweredlc.com.


To create the right space experience that empowers your culture, just Say YES! To a Better Future and to reach out directly hello@yes-spaces.com 

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