Guest Video: Steve Whittington, CEO of LifeWorking Coworking – Suburban Coworking Growth

Steve Whittington, CEO of LifeWorking Coworking


Steve worked with YES! to start his coworking firm, which opened October 3, 2016. Happy Anniversary!

We track with him how things have gone since founding.

This is a super-brief video (1:59) with the objective of seeking more information from the guest as to “why are we seeing an uptick in user interest in coworking in the suburbs?” (NOTE: We understand sound quality isn’t 100% and we’re learning for future interviews. Thanks for your understanding)

View the full 1:59 min. video here

Hi, I’m Wendy Spreenberg. I am the founder and president of YES! Your Exceptional Space where we Create Experience Not Just Space. We’ here with Steve Whittington, CEO and Founder of LifeWorking Coworking, who built an amazing coworking space in the northern suburbs of Chicago, we were privileged enough to work with Steve to help him get started in 2016. And now he’s launched, going great guns. And we’d like to talk with Steve this morning about how he was avant-garde in the suburbs, and how he built just wonderful spaces in the suburbs, and how it’s going now. And what do you think is gonna be the trend moving forward?

Alright, Steve Whittington – 0:41

um, a lot there. But I would like to say, first of all, I appreciate this opportunity, Wendy, because you were with me at this launch, and there are lessons that I still take advantage of every single day. But our short story is in 2016, a lot of our competitors thought you had to be a millennial, thought you had to be downtown, thought tech had to be your lane, and we thought and the data proved it out that, for instance, the largest cohort of small business growth is guess what – 55 to 63 years old. You find more of that in itself. You find more community. And so quite frankly, what has happened is, uniquely, it’s absolutely a tragic situation with the pandemic, you can’t paint it any other color, but what’s happened with more folks, more remote workers in the suburbs, is that we’re seeing growth, we’re seeing more value and we’re seeing more attraction to a community in the suburbs. And we’re really excited about that and our growth is going to be predicated on that.

Wendy Spreenberg 1:45 Absolutely. Well, it’s a great story you should go to to learn more about Steve and his amazing coworking space based in the suburbs.

Steve Whittington 1:55 and what Wendy and I started together. Yes!


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