Sarah Davis of Pophouse shares her insights on creating experience through design to attract and retain employees back to the office. Think which activities your teams are engaged in and reflect that back in the space design. (1:14)

We’re excited to see where this takes us in 2022….

Sarah Davis – Pophouse



Wendy – I’m so excited. We are here with Sarah Davis of PopHouse

Sarah – Yeah,

Wendy – We’re so excited to have her here. We wanted to ask her a simple question, but not so simple. How are you creating experience? Through design?

Sarah – It’s a great question. I think it’s never been more important as people are, you know, thinking about that return to work to really think about the different types of spaces that we’re creating within the office. So thinking about not only the work stations and how they’re actually doing their jobs every single day, but also thinking about what are those tangential areas that are bringing people back in and truly creating that experience? So we’ve been thinking about these different destination spaces that actually work and complement to the different workstations in order to be able to bring people in and be able to give them that compelling reason to come into the office, right? What are things that they can do on site that they can’t do remotely? So things like Training Centers, Career development, thinking about Intelligence Centers, Welcome Centers, Experience Centers for the company that really go in to create that really holistic experience for individuals.

Wendy – Well, you’re preaching to the choir, we love it. So for creating an exceptional experience as well, reach out to Sarah Davis with PopHouse. We’re delighted to talk with her today.


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