Delighted to share this video with Patrick Clay of ARCO|Murray and how they are creating efficiencies in process in the entire construction chain. (2:58)

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I’m Wendy Spreenberg. I’m the founder of Yes, your exceptional space. And we’re here this morning with Patrick Clay of ARCO|Murray, I’d like Patrick to introduce himself and tell you a little bit about himself.

Patrick: I’m Patrick Clay, I’m recovering architect, I’ve worked for 15 years as an architect, mostly within workplace and interior design. And now I’m a design builder for ARCO|Murray. And the question is here today is how to design build, help sell across all problems within the process of interior design.

You know, it’s a really interesting one, I think that there are two, there are many common problems and by the way of material design anymore, and I think that the interior space is always shifting, it’s always changing, it’s always evolving. And the questions and demands of the market have have evolved in a way that require more sophisticated notion as to what you should be coming. Right?

So the secret behind is fostering an integrated design and delivery process, which allows us to streamline you know, all aspects of the project from start to finish. A long time ago, there was, you know, the master board, and we kind of got away from that, and there was a fracture, you know, within within the ecosystem open that circle, there were a lot of sub trades started to form architecture was actually one of them, interior design was a subfield of architecture.

Now, because of the downward market pressure, and a lot of the issues that arise from, you know, the complications within the market in general, we’ve had to return back, I think, to a way of streamlining that process, right. So what design work can do is flatten the timeline, substantially, it can eliminate to be staggered, you know, instead of a project manager, a cm, and architects, civil engineer, mechanical engineering, structural engineering, and interior designer, you can actually consolidate all of those equities under one umbrella and allow for a very streamlined, systematic delivery and interior space.

Wendy: It sounds like it’s not only efficient, but it’s more cost effective for the client, which makes it a better solution.

Patrick: Yeah, and it’s actually cost effective in a number of different ways. So on the front end, you know, the big problem ultimately, with design service, because they draw down on the cash, negative side of the deal, right, so the fund is funded, but yet you’re paying hundreds of 1000s of times more for someone to do design services before even know the salesman principle. So in that sunk cost, if the deal doesn’t go through, and then the design build world, you know, we offer new services for free on the front end of design, and we’re really after, create a great product product backlog. And if the deal isn’t working, that’s the way it should be.

Wendy: Thank you so much today for helping us understand it.


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