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Wendy Spreenberg

Hi, I’m Wendy Spreenberg. I’m the founder and president of Yes! Your Exceptional Space where we create experience, not just space. We’re here today with Patrick Clay of Arco Murray,  and I’d love for him to introduce himself. We have a special question for Patrick Clay, Director of Development. What we’re looking at today is really supply chain- it’s a very big issue. And so I wanted Patrick to be able to answer that question of how the supply chain constraints right now affecting his business and what to deliver.


Patrick Clay, Director of Development, ARCO/Murray  0:34

So supply chain is going to persistently be an issue. I think that you know, I always talked about market pressures, I think, once systematically exchange within a construction within the construction design industry kind of unwind themselves a little bit like Texas, right. So we’re dealing with supply chain issues making everybody is confronted with the same same scenario. There’s the rising cost of escalation and there’s limited labor force. And the only way to do all these things is by releasing fully integrated design and delivery process from start to finish. So the sooner we figure things out, the sooner we can use the causes of purchasing buy is here to help certainly navigate evolve supply chain issues.

Wendy Spreenberg

Thank you so much for your time today. Appreciate it.


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