ICYMI Guest Video: Ginna Ryan of Mauge- In-person, In Office is essential for Collaboration

Ginna Ryan of Mauge

This is a super-brief interview (1:38) with the objective to reach out to Mauge and Ginna for brand management and more insights into how they’ve managed in-person collaboration. NOTE: We recognize that the sound quality isn’t 100% and the transcript below shared what may have been masked with other noise. (Thank you for understanding)

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We’re here with Ginna Ryan. She is principal of Mauge, a creative agency and brand management company. But I want to let Ginna go ahead and introduce herself.

Ginna Ryan 0:10 I am Ginna Ryan of Mauge, we’re a 25 year-old creative brand marketing firm located in Bucktown. (Chicago neighborhood)

Wendy Spreenberg 0:15 So we’re here today at a networking event talking about the Future of Office and how everything has been impacted. And what Ginna has experienced is that she’s been back in office earlier than most, based on what it is that Mauge does, so I wanted to invite her to share with us, why was it important to bring people back to the office sooner than average.

Ginna Ryan 0:38 I have seen that our biggest challenge with a remote workforce was that we didn’t have in-person collaboration, and as a creative team, getting together and being able to be in-person and have that in-person collaboration, when it comes to design and creative was essential. We certainly worked our way around, but it’s much easier to be in person. The other thing we experienced is when we’re doing a presentation for a first-time client, it’s very difficult to read the room. Very difficult to read the room and get people’s reactions because we work off how people respond to what we’re presenting, so having the opportunity to meet clients in person who have an in person exchange has made the process so much easier.

Wendy Spreenberg 1:25 Well, congratulations on being someone who has seen how, community makes a big difference in how the we’re getting together in the future.

Ginna Ryan 1:35 Thank you, great to be here


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