Guest Video: Gary Pachucki of IBT Group – The Loft Innovation Terminal

We are excited to share this video of Gary Pachucki of IBT Group in a recent interview we conducted at The Loft Innovation Terminal in West Humboldt Park in Chicago. It is a passion project of the former Pilot Lighting manufacturing building – a repurposing into Life Sciences, Creative Workspace, Makers Space and Creative Sciences. A boon to the local community.(2:03)



Wendy: We’re here with Gary Pachucki of IBT group. And we are at this fantastic space called…

Gary: The Loft InnovationTerminal (LIT)

Wendy: Loft Innovation Terminal. And what we want to do is speak with Gary today about this exciting development in the far West side of Chicago at 1330 North Kostner. (actually at 1334 N. Kostner) So Gary, tell us a little bit about this development and the exciting results we’re gonna see.

Gary: So this is an unusual location and unusual project. And the project formulated when we’re working on a large project in Fulton Market. And we were doing a large office building at the time, and one of the things that we discovered, as there were a lot of smaller tenants that were younger, first-stage companies that were looking to be the focus of a building and to find creative space. And so there was an interest in looking for an alternative to conventional office buildings. So we spent a year maybe close to, looking for just “Google Earthing” and looking for the right kind of project. And we came across this – took about a year to put it under contract, took about two years to fund it. And then of course, COVID came. But nonetheless, we were able to close late last Summer (2020) start construction about a year ago. And we’re here today we’ve got our lobby and sort of our common area space about complete and we’re here to show what we have. The goal of the project is going to be Life Science, Creative Science and Creative Work Space. We are also talking to some Makers. We’re talking to a maker in prefab housing, and we’ve been talking to a brewery and we’re working actually on a lease, our first lease for this space to a science company.

Wendy: Exciting! Exciting!

Gary: So that’sThat’s the path.

Wendy: Well, congratulations on the creative result. We’re going to be looking at the after this is the before, right, so we’ll come back and see the after.

Gary: Absolutely

Wendy: And talk to you again. Great, Gary, thank you.

Gary: Thank you for having me.

Wendy: Pleasure.


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