Guest Video: Bill Saviski of Glenstar on Continental Towers Amenities

In this video, our guest, Bill Saviski,  Managing Director at Glenstar, discusses Glenstar’s Continental Towers redevelopment, including amenities and LEED initiatives.

This groundbreaking and amenties-rich office in Rolling Meadows, IL, is all about Creating Experience, Not Just Space. (1:38)

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Wendy: Hi, I’m Wendy Spreenberg. I’m the president and founder of Yes, your exceptional space where we create experience, not just space, we’re here with Bill Saviski of Glenstar who started this incredibly amenitized space and Continental Towers out in Rolling meadows. And we just wanted to talk with Bill a little bit about the idea behind the amenetization of this particular property, which is outstanding and exceptional in this market, let alone metro Chicago. Bill, what inspired all the movement to the amenitization and what are the most important amenities you see in the framework?

Bill: Yeah, thank you. So, our M-O at Glenstar is that we saw a trend where the millennials that worked downtown, going to a job get into positions of power and decision-making within their firms and also have families and want to move to the suburbs, and we wanted to give them the same experience that they were used to going to the office downtown out here. And to attract that, you had to super-amenitize buildings, offer them this modular courtyard, health club, you know, a café, things like that, where they want to come to work everyday, we are LEED Certified, Energy Star rated at all of our buildings, because it is important to us, especially with COVID, now the airflow like that is a definite trend that’s on for us.

Wendy: And more fresh air into the building.

Bill: Yes, Yes, and more fresh air to enjoy your workday.

Wendy: Absolutely, to take a break and decompress as you need to.

Bill: Yes

Wendy: So, Bill, thanks so much for talking with us today. And we look forward to talking to you again in the future.

Bill: Thank you so much.


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