Anastacia Fratto

In this Guest Video , we welcome Anastacia Fratto, Partner in NWI Development Group (2:25)

Here we discuss our work together on a potential coworking space in an amazing, landmark building in Hammond, Indiana as the city looks to revitalize their downtown.



Wendy – Hi there. I’m Wendy Spreenberg. With Yes! Your Exceptional Space, and today we’re here with Anastasia Fratto of NWI Development. And we’re thrilled to have her talk with us about her multi-use development that we worked on together. We’re thinking about doing coworking in Hammond. So I’d love to have you tell us a little bit about the project, how you got there, what the vision is.

Anastacia Fratto: yeah, absolutely. Well, NWI Development Group, we’re a Michigan City-based company. And we’re a developer that sort of does a little bit of everything. But we’re really excited about this project in Hammond, because it’s an adaptive reuse of a building that was built in 1924. And so they don’t really make them like that anymore.

Wendy: beautiful building!

Anatacia: And it was an old bank building was old Bank Calumet National Bank building. We’re converting it to 100 multifamily units. And then we have about 8,000 square feet of ground floor commercial. So when thinking about coworking for this building, I mean, first of all, I think coworking today, especially coming out of the pandemic, is sort of the new norm for a lot of people. And even if people go back to the office, they’re struggling to have some expectation of where they live to have that opportunity for so some coworking. So we’re really looking at a coworking amenity in all of our developments for multifamily. But for Bank Calumet, it’s really special because we have this beautiful 30-foot grand, ground floor banking hall. And so you know, the, the architecture there is stunning. And what better way to think about how to create that space as an amenity for our residents, and how can they be part of the sort of banking hall and so working with you, Wendy and your team. it’s been great and a pleasure to think about how do we take and keep the integrity of this beautiful space, and have it functional for the residents as coworking you know, and and also kind of preserving, keep some of the really great architectural detail detail that we have down there.

Wendy: It’s beautiful. It’s a three-story first floor space and just breathtaking with natural light that comes in with the windows. So the experience has been such a pleasure working together here, and we’re looking forward to this brilliant outcome that can come to Hammond.

Anastacia: Thanks for having me.

Wendy: Thank you so much for being here today.

Anastacia: Thank you


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