Guest Blog: Touchpoint Wines – Pairing Wine with Soft Skills Training

Our guest blog is from our trusted ally, Danielle Galmore of Touchpoint Wines. In this segment, Danielle shares three scenarios in which Pairing Wine with Soft Skills Training can truly enhance the outcome of the training.


Soft skills including collaboration, teamwork, leadership, adaptability, empathy and creativity are critical to success at any company. Many of these skills are learned through experience, and nothing is better than having a manager that is also a coach and mentor. However, these “EQ or people skills” are not the skills that are often developed in training or team building budgets. According to Talent LMS, 89% of recruiter say when a new hire doesn’t work out, it usually comes down to a lack of soft skills.

Touchpoint Wines

Here are 3 situations that are more relevant than ever to employ some form of soft skills training.

  1. Managers forming their teams around a hybrid work policy.

Strong performing teams are developed by managers that understand their employees as individuals and what their natural strengths are. They weave those strengths into working relationships amongst the team to take advantage of them on a systemic basis vs an individual one.

  1. Cross functional teams coming together to solve a problem or exploit an opportunity.

Members of cross functional teams often serve multiple projects and both the goals of the team as well as the department they report to. The faster the team members can get to know each other and move through the “forming- storming-norming-performing” process, the quicker they can start to produce the amazing results that are expected of them. Not only does the project time shorten, but the quality of the solutions increase as team members empathize with each other, express more creativity, and collaborate better.

  1. The great resignation.

Which is often seen as more of a migration, according to Forbes, with individuals seeking new positions that offer them better benefits, flexibility and often pay. This means we are left with teams that have a mix of employees both in terms of tenure at the company, as well as experience. Focusing on building a team and investing in the soft skills will make not only the team successful, but the individuals as well.


Payoff in the end is a team that is more comfortable expressing themselves through the trust building that happens during team and skills building exercises. It can be seen in hard metrics around engagement, project development times and financial returns.


I am excited to enter my next chapter, merging my corporate career with my hobby and passion-wine. With over 20 years working for corporations, leading teams, and mentoring others, I understand the importance of relationship building, and the dynamics of skills and team building. If you are interested in talking about what you are working on to build relationships and develop your culture, and how maybe a fun, customized wine event can help you, I would love to chat with you!   Please reach me at 


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