Experience-Driven Workspaces and the Return To Office

Our thanks to Julia Troy of Studio B with Bisnow for collaborating on this article.

Considering that our tagline is Create Experience Not Just Space we firmly believe, per the article, that to rebuild company culture “The whole experience from getting to the office to being in the office must continually inspire and delight employees in order to make it more appealing than working from home or another ‘third space’ like a coffee shop or coworking hub.” 

We love coworking hubs! They have been the lifeline when people could or would not go into the corporate space based on the pandemic, the commute, childcare issues and much more.

Transition not Hard Mandates

There are so many opinions within your own team of what they want and need that it’s a challenge to manage the conflicting priorities. Some of the team simply cannot focus at home. Others LOVE working from home. Some are extroverts and can’t wait to be in-person with colleagues. Others LOVE the solitude and ability to avoid micro-aggressions and conflict.

Solving this pain point is simple but it takes time and engagement with your team. “Bringing people back to the office and rebuilding culture requires companies to work with their employees to create a compelling workplace.”

The most direct way is to survey your team – ask them what works currently and the changes they’d like to see implemented. Know that it is a moving target as we transition back.

“The most successful transitions allow for employee comments, questions and feedback, then repeating these surveys every few months in the first year to learn what’s working, what’s not and what they can refine. Ongoing, it’s helpful to survey at least annually to keep it fresh and inspiring.

Additionally, we see the best strategy is to ease into the return to the office, starting with one or two days a week and building up.”

The struggle to attract and retain talent is more challenging than ever. Creating inspiring workspaces can be a tool to regain and strengthen your company culture. We understand and can guide your and your team in this transition.


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