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ICYMI from our previous post a couple months ago, we want to reshare.

Founder and President, Wendy Spreenberg shares why Developers are working with YES! and are looking to incorporate Coworking and flex office space within their multi-family developments. (0:53)

Transcription: It’s experience that drives desire for people to come into the office, not just for their colleagues, but that experience that allows them to walk into the space go “Wow!”, just like you walk into this building. (Glenstar’s Continental Towers)

What we’re also seeing is there’s mixed-use development in residential, so that there are people who are looking, developers who are working with us who want to create an apartment above, with not the retail necessarily below but the coworking space that can double as a café. That’s more like the 15,000 – 16,000 square foot demand. Where, certainly, when we’re in Chicago, and there are two feet of snow outside, wouldn’t it be lovely to take the elevator downstairs to work with other humans because we’re post-COVID, fingers crossed, and still be productive and not have to get into the office, downtown, or even five minutes away.


Developers, partner with us to deliver a high-performing office asset in your multi-family project! Reach us – 

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