The profile of the Qualified Developers and Landlords that YES! works with in early 2022 is revealed in our recent guest segment with Dave Lorenzo The Godfather of Growth, on the Inside BS videocast





It’s really a developer who has a blank canvas but has experience in developing space and understands the financials of what it takes to create something. So we’ve got two different profiles I’d love to share with you. One is a developer right now who’s creating a multifamily development in Chicago, but the retail component on the first floor does not make any sense. So they’ve engaged with us to create two floors of flex work with a captive audience upstairs. So when – we’re in Chicago, when they’re two feet of snow, you can walk down stairs and be with other people and be very productive, as well as just better Wi Fi, great coffee and a great experience with other people.


1800 W. Berenice, Chicago

The other is a landlord that we’re working with who has vacant space. And they’ve been challenged over the last three years, not two, but three years of figuring out who can we get and attract to take on our first floor space. What we can do for the landlord is build a better model than a standard lease arrangement, terms of their revenue, they can expect to double their revenue for that particular space, once they open a coworking space and how they’re charging their clients. And then that also feeds tenants to the rest of the building as those businesses if we’re successful as operators, help them grow their business within the rest of the building.


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