Corporations Transitioning Teams Back to the Office (Part 2 of 2)


In this video with YES! Your Exceptional Space, you learn YES! Your Exceptional Space’s perspective on how corporations can begin transitioning their teams back to the workspace. This is part two of this video.

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Macy: This is part two, where we’re talking about how corporations can start transitioning their teams back to the office.

Wendy: Well, in addition to creating your own space, it may be a situation where you don’t have a convenient location for some of your team members to work from. And they really prefer not always working from home. One way to work through that is to contact us, we can help you coordinate with other coworking spaces across North America. We know several vendors that may not be the typical usual go-to’s that you think about. We know a lot of private, local ones that will really take care of you and treat your teams with great hospitality and care. So when you’re looking for a space, that may be a coworking space in your community to help your team members work more productively, please reach out to us and we can help you find those spaces.

Macy: And how can a corporate office start engaging with you?

Wendy: And yes, we’d love to have you reach out to us. You can email us by reaching us at  (Or Schedule a Call on Calendly) We’ll talk through with you what it is that you need, what you’re thinking about where you’re thinking about providing co working space for your team members and be able to move forward and satisfy that need very quickly for you.

Macy: Awesome, thank you so much, Wendy.

Wendy: Thank you, Macy.


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