Corporations Transitioning Teams Back to the Office (Part 1 of 2)


In this video with YES! Your Exceptional Space, you learn our perspective on how corporations can begin transitioning their teams back to the office.

This is part one of two. To view the second part click here: For more information, visit our Services page.



Transcription: Macy Troyer: With the current confusion in the return office policies windy, how can companies use flexible workspace to start transitioning their teams?

Wendy: Well, Macy, thank you for the question, because it’s actually a complex answer. There are actually two parts to this answer. And the first part is, let’s look at the corporation who’s already considered downsizing part of their space. But they’re also thinking, “How do I create an experience with the existing space that remains? How do we create an experience?”

It’s going to be incredibly important and build community amongst the team members that we have on site? So part of that is what are the design elements? How do we actually talk through that with our team members and say what’s important to you, and engage with them before we swing a first hammer or build a first wall. So you want to know what’s important to the your team members to make sure that you do that once and you don’t have to do it multiple times. It’s also a recruitment tool, that if you create an exceptional experience, that’s really exciting, you’ll be able to also attract the greatest, highest talent that you’re looking for, as well as retaining the awesome people that you have on your team already. So that’s one way that we’re working with corporates to help them understand how to create an exceptional experience.

Macy: Absolutely. And as a corporate office, how would they start engaging with you?

Wendy: And yes, as a corporate office, what you want to do is simply reach out to us. You can do so by emailing us We will engage with you and set up a call and just go through a process with you to ask some questions initially about what you’re thinking about doing, and then see how it is that we can help you. From there. We’ll build out a program to understand that we are the right group to work with you to build this exceptional space.

Macy: That’s fantastic. Thank you, Wendy.


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