Celebrating Moms by reducing the effects of COVID on the Global Gender Gap

Let’s find a way to reduce the effects of  COVID-19 on the global gender gap. Highlights in a study by the World Economic Forum include:

A widening childcare gap

Women are feeling the weight of an increased burden of care because of the pandemic. A study conducted by Ipsos with Newsy in the in the United States shows the gender gap for childcare responsibility is growing.

43% of parents surveyed in that study last year said they personally would handle most of their childcare responsibilities if schools were at least partially online or virtual. Another quarter said their partner or spouse would take on this role. Less than one in ten said they would rely on grandparents (3%), an ex-partner (2%), or another family member (8%). Just 7% said their child would be back in school full time, and very few parents said they’d hire a private teacher (3%)….


While I am not a Mom, I have incredible respect that parenting (Dads, too) is the biggest, toughest, and most important job in the world. We can do better recognizing the disparities in how this has hit women hard.

Let’s not simply share data, let’s take action. #momsareamazing

Embracing not just remote work options, see blog post, but new childcare policies will go a long way to advancing women in the workplace.


for the full WEF article, click here

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