Our thanks again to Dave Lorenzo , the Godfather of Growth, for featuring Wendy Spreenberg of YES! Your Exceptional Space on his Inside BS videocast. In this video (1:02) Wendy shares how YES! works with their clients and what it means to Create Experience, Not Just Space.

Wendy shares initial steps: Financial Model  and The 6 Senses in Creating Exceptional Space

Ours is an immersive consultancy as well. So we’ll start with a feasibility study or a financial model to make certain that our clients know what is really entailed in actually standing this up. It’s 12,000 – 15,000 square feet is the minimum based on our experience. And what we then do is build out the the model with them, encompassing the five senses and then the sixth sense. And what we mean by that is you’ll walk in, you’re greeted with great hospitality, so you start to feel good on that score. It’s neat, it’s clean with COVID It’s arranged beautifully color, natural light, there’s yummy coffee smells, and maybe chocolate chip cookie smells going on as well as then white noise or light music to create a sense of comfort and it’s that sixth sense, that creates the experience that says someone can identify and go “You know, I’m in the right space. This is the right location and business, location coworking space for me”


Working within the 12,000 – 15,000 s.f. minimum is based on years of experience and the understanding of economies of scale. It takes just as much to deliver exceptional service in 6,000 s.f. as it does in 12,000 s.f. but you the larger space is more sustainable. It allows for the creation of  75% – 80% private office space in the build-out, as preferred by most members. This establishes a stronger, less transient member base and a vibrant community. Create Experience, Not Just Space.

There’s so much more to share with you –  reach out to hello@yes-spaces.com and view more of our videos at Solving for Flex – with YES!


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