5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. YES! We’ve Launched!

Exceptional. The team that came together to reposition our brand was simply that.

As we launch the new logo and website we have several contributors to acknowledge: Our friends at Smart Search Media who developed the site and SEO, Josh Campbell, designer extraordinaire who created our logo and visual theme, Erica Jellerson of The Eason Collective managing how we appear on social media. Our Communications professional, Lindley White, instilled our messaging with power and Maralyn Bellin has been the key to this entire transformation.

The inimitable partners of Nancy Brown, Danielle Galmore and Lori Hamilton contribute in ways that will take up too many words in this brief post. As I have said many times, “More brains are better”. My gratitude to each of you is boundless.

My list of thanks would be sorely lacking if I didn’t give an enormous shout out to my big family (go Team Spreen/Robinson/Iveson) and the support of many friends who questioned, challenged and encouraged the product you view today.

Now, we’ve got work to do!

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