2022 SMP Client Awards: Most Inspiring Session

Wendy was recently recognized for the 2022 SMP Client Awards: Most Inspiring Session from Spider Meka Portraits

As is true in the entire philosophy about Meka, the work she does is all about the client. These awards are but another example about putting the client first and shines as an example about how to do that.

Per Wendy, “I’m incredibly touched by this award. The experience from the initial outreach to the delivered results felt like lightening striking! There is no mask or veil to Meka and this enables you to bring your true self to each encounter with Meka.”

Wendy was considering a refresh of headshots for 2022. She reached out to Meka from exploring her connections within the ProVisors member network and found Meka’s profile to be unabashedly “non-corporate”.  “Everything in the language Meka uses to share more about her work, her team and herself felt like reconnecting with an old friend. It was, as I say, like a stroke of lightening!”

As if the Universe was in charge, the very next day, another ProVisors member (Katy Mickelson) posted a glowing review of her session with Meka on LinkedIn. (FYI – Katy also won a 2022 Award – congratulations!!)

“That was all I needed to take action and reach out to Meka”, Wendy noted.

The entire experience is curated and handled with extraordinary care. Meka will first connect via video chat (if not in person) to learn more about you, your experience and character, and gage mutual expectations. The next step in the engagement is to take a survey so that the experience Meka and her team create is customized to you. (can we just shout “Create Experience, Not Just Space” here?!?!)

Send Meka photos of the possible outfits you’ll bring to the studio. This helps Meka “see” you AND she’ll enhance your look with pieces from their wardrobe to enhance your look. (I got to wear a gray tutu! 😀 )

Once you’re “live” in the studio, Patricia (MORE than hair & makeup) and Paula (MORE than Studio Assistant) align with Meka to create the inviting and welcoming experience before the lights go on and the shutter goes off.

The photo featured in the title was captured about a third of the way in – completely unguarded laughter – which “my people” recognize instantly. THAT’s what Meka and her team inspire!

Our story starts at 3:05 below…


And to view all 14 episodes, please go to YouTube and search 2022 SMP Client Awards.  There is an amazing story behind each award, so check it out!

To reach US and learn more how to Create Experience, Not Just Space – hello@yes-spaces.com and our Landlord & Developer page.

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