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We Build an Experience that people Love and Protect Your Investment

We don’t consult from the sidelines. We roll up our sleeves and partner with Landlords, Developers and Entrepreneurs who want to build an experience that people will love.

We implement your vision and see it through from concept to activation  and empower you to scale successfully. We have a proven track record of helping clients generate revenue Day 1 and accelerate profitability.


It’s not about our story. It’s about what we can do for you.

Long Story Short

YES! is a boutique consulting firm to the coworking and flexible workspace industry across North America.

What differentiates YES!

  • Over 120 locations across North America (Austin, SF, Denver, Chicago, Seattle, Vancouver, Tampa, Toronto, Puerto Rico and more)
  • 2+ Million square feet of space in our projects
  • Experience in multiple economic cycles and the expansion/contraction of the coworking industry – from dot-com to post-COVID

Create Experience Not Just Space

Every client is unique and each market different. We start by listening to understand. What’s your vision? How can we figure out together the best solutions to bring people to your space and create a vibrant, dynamic experience that drives both interest and retention?

Our Partner Clients are Innovators

Our focus is working with innovators like you. Our clients run the gamut—from Landlords and Developers to Entrepreneurs seeking to establish exceptional Coworking operations and Amenity spaces that set their properties apart and drive financial return faster.

We also partner with forward-thinking corporate enterprises that are re-imagining their real estate to attract and retain top talent and achieve greater innovation and impact.

We’re passionate about creating Workspaces that work better for everyone. Give us a call and let’s create something exceptional together!

Our Clients Include

What Clients Say?

The process can be daunting. Situations emerge that can seem like a deal breaker. Whatever was presented, Wendy’s approach was always, “let’s see how we can work through this.” She has the expertise, negotiating skills, and rapport with people to successfully chart a path forward that works for everyone.

Marlene O’HanlonPresident, Knoxville Executive Suites

In this rapidly changing industry, Wendy has incredible depth and breadth of industry knowledge and experience. I was always impressed how up-to-speed she was on the changes and her ability to translate her knowledge into client advantage.

Steve WhittingtonFounder & CEO, LifeWorking Coworking


We have exceptional experience

Everyone on our team has years of industry-focused experience. We bring a broad complement of expertise in terms of know-how, geographies, markets and economic cycles that you won’t find elsewhere.

We’re passionate about creating workspaces that work better for everyone. Our experience runs deep and our networks are wide.

Let’s create something exceptional together.

Case Studies

The power of

From decades of experience across different environments, geographies and economic cycles, we understand what makes a space succeed or underperform. YES! helps clients side-step common pitfalls, accelerate growth and profitability for greater success.

We’re passionate about creating exceptional space and experiences. Read More about the impact and results we’ve helped others achieve. Exceptional is a measurable asset.

  • NWI Development Grp-Mixed-Use, Hammond, IN

    Currently in development Project Details: development of 10-story mixed-use building with 7 floors of multi-family apartments above 1 floor (30-ft high) of flexible workspace and event space. Successes Currently under development in downtown Hammond. Opening […]

  • Landrosh Development – Mixed-use, Chicago

     Case Study – currently in development Project Details: development of 6-story mixed-use building with 4 floors of multi-family apartments above 2 floors of flexible workspace and event space. Successes Currently under development in Ravenswood neighborhood […]

  • Representing Seller – KES in Knoxville, TN

    CASE STUDY – M&A – KES, Knoxville, TN https://kesinc.com/ YES! represented KES ownership in the sale of their suite to a new operator Center Facts Total square footage – 24517 sq. ft. 81 offices 3 […]

  • Enterprise Coworking – Metro Denver

    CASE STUDY   Enterprise Coworking, Denver, CO https://enterprisecoworking.com/rino-coworkingspace/ Successes YES! provided Feasibility Study leading to a successful $11M SBA loan to open their flagship in RiNO of Denver. Since opening, they’ve added a second location in […]

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